Will FAFSA give me extra money if i live off campus?

Question:Will fafsa provide me with extra money for rent if i put that i live off campus? i got my estimate and my EFC is 0 but i dont see how all my financial aid (grants) can cover most of school and rent. This is just my estimate though. i was wondering if they give you more later on if they know that you are renting.

FAFSA is books and tuition ONLY.

that being said.

ONce it's paid out to your school, your school applies it to your balance, if the balance is 0 they cut you a check for the left over. IF if you paid 2k and then they sent your school 2k, the school would see you already paid it and cut u a 2k check.

Their is alot of hairy details that you should litterally go see your school Financial aid councelor about here depending on your state. Honesty the best way to do it is to use fafsa for tuition and books as required and then use any other stafford loans you can get from them to pay for your housing. you will come out of a 4 yr degree wit honly 30k in debt depending (which is good) however you wont have to work and can devote your full time to school. This takes massive self dicipline, budgeting, and planning. I'm doing it and I'm half way through school with only 6k in debts. PLAN and stick to it. most of all SEE YOUR FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR!! (and come with a list of questions written down ;) )
Yes. When you fill out the form it will ask you if you want to go to school full time and if you will be living on or off campus. Along with other things you can answer yes to all of them to maximize the amount of money they will give you. It doesnt guarantee that you will get the money. Just make sure you expose yourself to any and all opportunities of funding so you are atleast considered.
nope..but they will hook you up with loans that you must repay to pay for the housing

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