Do you have to pay back a pell grant from financial aid?

Question:I have financial aid and get an "account" every semester filled with money for books, classes, tuition, etc. Whatever I don't use gets sent to me by check and is mine to deposit. Do I have to pay this back?

no the same thing happens with me..grants u dont have to pay back only loans :)
no. a grant is free money from the government. it is similar to a scholarship except this money is from the government not a private organization or school. loans are the only things you have to pay back. so, congrats on getting the grant! yay for free money!!
if its a pell grant no it is money from the governement that doesnt need to be repayed back, so they send you a refund check for whatever is not used for school and it is your to cash at least thats how it works at my school. Hope that helps maybe talk to financial aid if your not sure good luck!
you will only have to pay back pell grants if you fail all of your classes or withdraw from more than one class, while the semester is in session.
I am not all that familiar with grants, I am better with loans. I know you don't have to pay back grants. In regards to the previous person, just wanted to say I took out a Pell Grant and withdrew from all of my classes about 1/2 way through but never had to pay anything, so I think there are special requirements for if you have to pay them back.

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