Efc is 00000?

Question:i applied for fafsa and my efc is 00000 what does this mean this is on my 06-07 and 07-08 my college tuition inculding everything is only going to cost 19,854 im going to AIU online

this means that this is the amount your family, meaning your parents/guardians, are going to have to contribute towards your college tuition for that year, if your 2006-2007 fafsa states your EFC as 0000 then your family will pay $0.00, same goes for 2007-2008. your EFC depends on your parent(s)'s/guardian(s)'s income, so it can change next year or the following and so on.
If your EFC is 00000, this means that you can not afford to contribute anything to your college education. You will probably get enough grants and loans to pay your entire education expenses. You must be unemployed or your income was below what the government considers "poverty level." I applaud you because I do not understand how someone can make it today without having a job.

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