Why do foreigners get their education free?

Question:As an American citizen I work full time and have to pay for my nursing classes myself. I don't understand why we have to have owe big college loans when we graduate, but people from other countries get their education paid for by our tax dollars!

good question.
Its funny how we pay for people who hate us but we still have illiterate people who need help and cant get it.
Because they are in primary school?
Otherwise, they pay what everyone else pays. If they are legal and they qualify for grants, then they have as much right to them as anyone else.
No one gets a free education based on their birthplace.
Can you provide examples? Most academic institutions charge overseas students approximately double what the local population pay.
I really don't understand what you're saying. From what I see is that international students pay for almost triple of what a in-state student pays for. Unless their tuition is pay for because their academics were outstanding then usually they have to pay the man like the rest of us.
Not sure where you are coming from. International students (i.e. non US citizens) have to pay tuition and fees to the college just like US citizens. And, in most cases, if they are attending a public institution they are paying non-resident charges rather than resident charges. Only way they get out of paying tuition is if they have a scholarship that covers it for them, but it has to be earned just like all scholarships and there is no way all international students will get a scholarship from their institution.
They don't usually get there education paid for by the tax money they may get some financial aid but in the long run they are paying a lot more then you know if you add it all up and most are taking loans. Some colleges do help foreigners more because it looks really good for the college and it helps there quotes plus they can take it as a tax write off.
I understand what your saying...im completely lost myself...we have to reach so many requirements to get help and all they have to give is there last name...and a bogus excuse then they get more help after they finish school ($) they they dont have to pay back and open up businesses and keep it in there family...to keep the money for themselves...i have talked to a couple of foriegners they told me there secrets so CRIMSONEDGE you dont know what your talking about...those "fees" are just cover ups to keep us from getting upset...
This is one of the American Financial Aid “boogymen” out there. “ The foreigners come and get it for free”…..

Wrong! Foreign student are not eligible for financial aid unless they are permanent resident aliens, or have certain asylum statutes. I know there are some countries that PAY for there children to come to school here. Maybe you should spend your time writing your congressman to ask they why they refuse to put more money into the federal aid program, rather that chaise the illegal alien “ boogyman”.
Are you sure about this? Most foreign students I know are studying on their government scholarships/student loans while some are paying their own way through college.

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