How long does it take to become a master mason?

Hello. I am from the esoteric branch of Freemasonry, American Co-Masonry (Freemasonry for women and men). I will speak only from what I know in our Order since custom and tradition vary from Order to Order and even within country (especially in the United States).

First, we have no fixed time maximum to become a Master Mason. I know Brothers (we call both men and women "Brother") who have attended Lodge regularly (once a month) for several years who are not yet Master Masons. And although their Worshipful Junior Wardens and Worshipful Senior Wardens do their best to make sure the Entered Apprentices and Fellowcraft get the material they need, these Brothers do not advance through the degrees.

I think in some cases it is stage fright. After all, one does have to stand up their in the North East corner and answer those questions and recite the Obligation from memory. That is abit daunting for some. For others, I think it may be worry that should they become Master Masons, they would have to take an office within Lodge. That too triggers anxiety, especially in a very well-run Lodge.

The quickest one can become a Master Co-Mason from Initiation to Raising is about one year. We think that Initiates need about five months or at least five meetings to get the feel for Entered Apprentice work. Just the steps and salutes, the life lessons, and the memorization work takes some "cooking in the kettle" so to speak. Then Fellowcraft! That degree is so ripe with symbols, stages, and work to explore, we give the FC about 7 months to do it. I do not know any Master who is not nostalgic for the time they spent as Fellowcraft.

I spent almost a year as an Entered Apprentice. I had a lot of work to do on subduing my passions. I was and am pretty well-read in the Craft but... well, I thought I was too old to memorize all the requirement. My lady, who is also now a Master Mason, convinced me that we could do it together.

After Master Mason, there are the side degrees to explore. Each is about a year in between. I am a Mark Mason now and am applying to become a Royal Ark Mariner. Each step is a spiral about the first three degrees. Not something to be rushed. Plus, one needs to take an officer's chair for a bit to get some more lessons.

Master Masons get to vote and hold office in Lodge. We also get to visit other Lodges. It is saying to the Universe, I am ready for more lessons.

I know this is getting long. Hope it helped a little. Feel free to contact me or the link below.

A Master Mason
American Co-Masonry

Hiram Lodge No. 11 (Santa Cruz, CA)
Amon Ra Lodge No. 9 (Los Angeles, CA)
Sapientia Lodge of Research (Larkspur, CO)
Adamant Mark Lodge No. 3 (Santa Cruz, CA)
Do you mean a stonemason or a Grand Wizard or whatever they call themselves?

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