Does a pell grant/financial aid backing cover on campus housing?

Question:I'm over the minimum age to live in the dorms, but I would similar to to live in one of the apartments on campus. Will my financial aid lend a hand cover the expense if it's university owned? If so, how much?

Answers: long as it is university housing, it will help cover the cost. It will cover 100% of the cost of university housing as long as you qualify for that much aid. Your aid will be base on different factors inlcuding how several credits you have already (juniors and seniors carry more aid than freshmen), your residency status (usually you can get a give in for being contained by state that you wont get if you're out of state) as economically as some other things.

You may want to go register at if you haven't already and see if you can achieve any scholarships. Those can be agreeable and will also help you income for the apartment. I hope it works out for you...I was surrounded by an apartment last year at my university. I am renting a house this year. I found it costs give or take a few the same the one and only difference is it is not covered by aid. But I have more room and i'm stale campus so I don't mind.

A "grant" covers whatever you want it to cover. Normally a college will transport whatever you owe them for anything out of your admit, and give you the rest contained by cash. When I be in college, I used the money to buy weed, which help me tremendously.

A "grant" covers anything you want it to cover. Normally a college will take doesn`t matter what you owe them for anything out of your grant, and donate you the rest in brass. When I was surrounded by college, I used the money to buy weed, which helped me tremendously.


Mine didn't

Yes. Financial aid would first be applied to tuition/fees. If your award amount is greated than what you owe in tuition/fees, later it can be applied to books and other expenses. The problem is that you might not have much disappeared over after tuition/fees are paid, and the cost of on-campus housing can oscillate greatly from university to university. But on-campus housing is usually much cheaper than trying to get off-campus housing anyway. So it's usually other.

I don't know how much, but financial aid will grant the cost of housing, Or half the cost while you supply the partner.
You should Call Financial Aid and ask the this some question, they can make available the direct answer and take thoroughness of this for you right away Financial Aid 1-800-433-3243 GOOD LUCK I think so, it may depend on the college, if then near is always that work program where on earth you do things like folder papers or whatever for a abiding credits or whatever. You may freshly have to telephone call the financial aid office of that college, they don't mind answering questions, explicitly what they are there for. Call the crucial number and ask them for the number. They should be in the online wan pages.

youd have to check next to your school's financial aid office. My shool consent to my grant cover housing because the kept it lower than the tuition fees. Good luck!

Mine did. I have enough scholarship and grants after tuition and fees that the university compensated the extra money to my savings rationalization, which I then used to wages for on-campus housing.

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