How can someone get above a 4.0 GPA in college?


You've got a couple interesting questions here, and it brings back painful high school memories for me.

== How can someone get above a 4.0 GPA in college?
As many have answered, some educational institutions allow for higher GPA's through some honors or Advanced Placement classes. For instance, in one of the high schools that I attended, the AP classes were graded on an 5.0 scale. A=5.0, B=4.0 etc.

== How does the college decide who's the valedictorian if several students all have a 4.0 GPA?

If multiple students have identical 4.0's through their entire college career, then it can pose a bit of a challenge to pick the valedictorian and salutatorian.

The method can vary from college to college.

They may look at class point averages meaning, for example, if two students had solid A's in English, but one had a 99 average and the other had a 98.

Or, they can weigh the difficulty of the classes taken - were some Honors or AP?
Some schools may look at scores on entrance exams like the SAT or ACT.

Other schools may decide to award co-Valedictorian and co-Salutatorian status to multiple students.

There's no set rule or standard (at least that I know of).

And my painful high school memory? My freshman year "B" in an AP class in English at a Texas school that worked on a 5.0 scale. It should have come across as a 4.0 when I transferred to Ohio, but instead was listed simply as a "B". My one and only "B" in high school and it cost me a run-off as valedictorian; and instead, I ended up third in my class. Oh well. Life moves on. :-)
maybe if they get over 100% on a major assignment.. otherwise i think it might be unheard of?
I guess if they take weighted classes, but it is highly unlikely.
The highest GPA is 4.0. So, no one can get above 4.0 in college.
take lots of classes and score 95% + in those classes. Or take 5 unit classes and get 90%+ in those.
In high school if you take AP classes it is possible to get over a 4.0 because AP classes count for more grade points in some schools and some school districts. I don't think that is the same throughout the country but many do give this "bump". In college an A+ actually counts for more than a 4.0 (and an A- less) therefore it is possible in some colleges to get higher than a 4.0.
GPA is always dependant upon a certain scale. The standard is 4.0 is an A, so the answer is no. If you check your H.S. transcript, it will always mark the scale, usually it'll say blah.blah on a 4 point scale.
Many schools have a + and - grading scale.
Ex. A+ =4.33 points, A =4.0 points, A- =3.67 points, and so-on. But technically, they can't graduate with a gpa higher than 4.0.
Depends on the teacher. For example between 94 and a 100 is an A or 4.0. So the student that makes a 94 all the time gets the same grade as the one that makes a 100.

Also some teachers have it, where you can do an extra project for credit and still get that A, even when you made a 92, a B, on the last test. Worked for me.
Are there that many valedictorians in college?

I guess they'd have other "tie-breaker" options like quality of coursework, transfer credits, P/F classes, classes dropped or retaken, etc.
I'm voting for Kevin for Class President, AND best answer...
In my school they have where you can get a 4.3 in an individual class, but your cu.m. gpa can not be above 4.0

I wasn't aware that colleges have just one valedictorian. I think they have summa cu.m laude, then magna cu.m laude, and then last cu.m laude, and each category has many people.

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