Is 1680 a good score in the SAT Reasoning test?

Question:Critical Reading: 600
Math: 550
Writing: 530 (Essay: 8 points)

I am Mexican and I took the test here in Mexico City. I don't know the average scores for people like me who didn't have English as their first language. And also what is the average for Americans? I hope you can help me, please.

Since the SAT is based on a bell curve and not on a set standart, the scores fluctuate a lot. The "average" student gets a 500, making 1500 average and anything above, above average.
However, it depends on the college you want to apply to. For example, Harvard probably wouldn't consider anything under 2100, but for the California State University system, a 1600 is probably good enough. However, I don't know the average for people who didn't have English as their first language, though I'm pretty sure that a majority of people who take this test has English as their second language.

My own experience

My own experience

If the total point is out of 2400 (3 categories of 800 points) and you got some where in the 70%, its a C, which isn't good; but since you indicated your geographical/ education background, you're not doing that bad, but there are a lot of rooms for improvement for sure. There are many people out there trying their a** to ace this test so they can get into "famous" school. But keep trying, you'll only improve if you keep it up, read a lot of books, focus and set your goal, you'll score even better. Don't ever give up!

*I was once a foreigner w/ poor English (and I still do) but I work hard for the this stupid test, too.

**You're doing better than many American students already. Many of them never bother to try or study hard for it. Hi, I think 1680 is a good score, anything above 1500 is good. Also most colleges don't count the writing score. However, you could go to, and you can check out the score needed for the college you want to go to.

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