What does it mean when your college class says it's "arranged"?

I think you are asking what it means when a class on a Registrar's calendar is listed "TBA" or "to be arranged."

Is that it?

TBA means that the instructor, or classroom has not be assigned yet, or that the period of the day when the class will be taught is still unassigned. Or it could mean that the class is an independent study or small group class that will not be assigned until after there are students registered in the class.

Why ask a question like this on Yahoo. You should just pick up the phone and call the Registrar and you would have an authoritative answer in about 30 seconds.
It can mean more than one thing. In some instances, arranged means that after an initial meeting, the instructor and the students will agree on a mutually acceptable class time for the remainder of the term or semester. It can also means that the instructor will arrange to meet with each student individually.

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