Do you think its hard to get into university of illinois?

Question:i'm from ohio. (northern part) and i absolutely love chicago. and for college i think about applying there just to get closer to chicago. so yeah, do you think it's hard to get in?

also, how close is the college to chicago?

Like someone else said, there are three campuses:

Springfield - focus on undergraduate, liberal arts
Chicago - mainly commuter campus for undergrads
Champaign-Urbana - Flagship campus - 40K students in all majors.

Yes, Champaign is in the middle of corn and soybean fields, but Amtrak runs 2 roundtrips per day, and there are at least 3 bus lines that make the 2 1/2 hour trip to Chicago. You will probably be in Chicago or St. Louis once a semester for various things, anyways. All you need is a roommate from the suburbs, and you are set (not too difficult, 50% of the campus is from Chicago or the suburbs - 90% is instate).

As for getting in - if you are looking at business and engineering, it is incredibly difficult. Solid high school GPA, great test scores, and leadership experience are a must. Liberal Arts is competitive, but less selective. Applied sciences are a little easier still, and on paper, the school of Fine Arts is the easiest - but you need to posess a talent.
probably, i think its a good school but not too hard. you would need good essay, good sat scores, good grades, just apply yorself and you could do it. cities are fun to live in, i live in nyc!
The University of Illinois main campus is located in farm country, so you will not be able to spend every weekend in Chicago. Sorry. There is a Chicago campus but I don't know what your major is to know if that is an option. Being accepted into the university depends on many factors. Some majors have a greater acceptance percentage than others. The main campus is beautiful and massive and has a good academic reputation.
There are three Universities of Illinois. The three main campuses are at Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana-Champaign. UIC and UIUC are fairly large universities. The differences between what they offer is that UIUC has agricultural degrees, and UIC has health care degrees. UIUC to Chicago, by car, is about 3-4 hours. UIC, east campus, is a 5 minute CTA L ride to downtown.
UIC has 3% OOS and UIUC has 10% OOS. Average UIC numbers is ACT of 24 and high school rank of 75th percentile, and average UIUC number is about ACT of 27 and high school rank of 85th percentile. There are variances in the averages amongst the colleges within the universities.

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