Princeton University Interview?

does everyone get an interview at princeton unviersity if he or she applied to princeton even if they are not apposite candidates for the college?
I got call by an alumnus for an interview. Does that mean anything or do they do it for everyone who applies? what are my likelihood if I get interviewd? have anyone been through that formerly? Thank you for sharing what you know!

Answers:    Princeton University interviews are conducted by Princeton alumni volunteers. They try to interview every single applicant because they truly feel that every student have something to bring to Princeton. It's not up to the alumni to decide who to interview.

The major thing almost an interview is, be relaxed and be yourself. How "well" you do in an interview have very little consignment in the admission decision. The interview is more for you to grasp to know Princeton, as well as for Princeton to find out things roughly speaking you that might be difficult to get across in print.
I know that a lot of colleges are using a behavioral base interview style. Here is a website that will help you revise how to answer the questions that might be asked.
Here's the flawless source for your questions.
Browse through this discussion board topic, some of the true Princeton alumni are also involved within answering questions similar to yours.
Good luck!

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