what is suma kum lati on graduation?

Suma Kum Laude is when you're in the top of the class. Is when you attain the highest honors.

The GPA surrounded by Suma Kum Laude is from 4.00 to 3.80. Also, there are other Kum Laude. There's Magna Kum Laude that go from de 3.79 to 3.60, and Kum Laude is from 3.59 to 3.40.
It's summa c um laude and means next to exceptional high honors summa *** laude ~ beside highest praise
It is Latin and signifies the best category you can achieve. The traditional Latin grades are
rite ~ passed
*** laude ~ beside praise
magna *** laude ~ with much praise
summa *** laude ~ beside highest praise


Why does Yahoo blast the Latin word for "with" which is "c u m"?

the best and the brightest of adjectives

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