Statistics vs Algebra?

Question:Which is more difficult stats or college algebra. I am terrible at word problem and average next to calculations. I'm pretty dutiful with formulas but sometimes enjoy troubling knowing when to apply them. And, to make things worse, when it comes to math, I am not the brightest bulb contained by the chandelier. So, for someone like me, what do you support?

Statistics is a lot of applying numbers to a situation and manipulate data while algebra is mostly numbers and formulas. From your description, I would say-so that you would have an easier time contained by algebra.

I used to tutor statistics at the college level.

I used to tutor statistics at the college level.

I thought my head be going to explode taking stats algebra is not easy but a hell of profusely easier than stats

Start next to algebra. Algebra is easier, plus, you need to know some algebra to get hold of anywhere with stats. I'm suprised they didn't spawn it a prereq, honestly. Word problems are a reality of enthusiasm that you will have to swot either opening.

statistics is definately better but algebra might be better but i havent figure it out yet ;)

I had a complicated time with algebra, have to practice it over and over. I aced statistics. But I had to go past algebra before I could appropriate statistics.

Statistics is fun. You start out with permutations and combinations; stuff you can apply to laying a bet. Fun! You'll have a harder time beside algebra than with stats. Both are prominent, though.

Best wishes and God bless. What is more important is which discipline is the most adjectives after you get out of college. In the work a daytime world there is little use for algebra unless you are contained by education or computer science. It is wonderful surrounded by that it teaches you to reflect on logically, a very adjectives work place skill. Statistics on the other hand is the fundamental analysis tool used to arrive at correct conclusions for problems involving data. Courses of movement based on statistical analysis usually prevail over those arrived at by intuition or plain guessing and will put you at the go before of the class with your boss.

I didn't take algebra within college...i didn't even know colleges offered algebra. I'd definitely help yourself to algebra over stats. I took applied calc as my requirement, and stats for my major. Stats is more practical, but I despised it.

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