What are Penn Foster College's Proctor Exams like?

Question:How hard? What type of questions? What are the time limits? Any info will be greatly appreciated

I'm sure it depends on what courses you are taking. Like what program you are in? I'm getting my veterinary technology associates degree there. Most of the tests are open book. (In vet technology, however, all the non-Gen Ed courses are closed book). You will get approx. 1 hour for each course. You take them all together, in one day, with only a 15 minute break (from what I remember!).
All of mine were short answer/essay. To be honest, you really need to know your stuff. Not trying to scare you, but you can't really guess b/c it isn't multiple choice/T-F or anything.
In my first semester proctored exam, I failed a couple! But I got to retake them and I passed. So, just try to relax & do your best!
(All of this info should be in your handbook, btw! Also, use the bulletin boards - there are many people willing to help. You need to visit & participate there anyway, to pass!)

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