What does it mean when a college class you want to sign up for says the schedule for that class is arranged?

It could mean several things.
1. They simply haven't set up the schedule yet.
2. It is an independent study type class and you arrange your hours with the instructor.
3. It is an online class that, for example, never physically meets, or perhaps meets occasionally... hence, times will be arranged for the convenience of all.

If you are browsing schedules and the registration is not open yet, be sure to check again when it is open... times are generally set then (unless online or independent)

For a concrete answer, don't hesitate to contact the instructor.
It means you might meet in the hallway! That happened in one course I took, they had no avaialble room so we met in the hallway and pulls up chairs.

It can also mean the instructor has other colleges to teach and needs to see when they can do things.

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