How long does it take to become a resident in Tennessee?

Question:I know in New York it takes one year. I want to know if it's the same in Tennessee because I'd like to attend college there but as an in-state resident. Please help.

In most states, it takes one year. You have to live there for one year PRIOR to attending any University in the state. Also, you must work (show proof that you pay taxes in the state - W2 forms). You cannot be a dependent of your parents in a different state (this automatically makes you a non-resident). It's also a good idea to pay rent or buy a home (keep a copy of your lease agreements or homeowners documents). Furthermore, get your driver's license from that state, as well as insuring your automobile there. Also, getting your voter's registration card is a plus.

When you apply to a University after the one year period, you should be considered a resident. If you are not considered one, appeal it and provide them the above documents.

Remember, you have to go to that state WITHOUT the intention of education, so that's why you need to live there PRIOR to attending school.

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