How to join an Alpha Kappa Alpha grad chapter?

Question:I was unable to pledge in undergrad because the chapter didn't have a line after my freshman year for whatever reasons. I'm new to the Philadelphia area, and don't know many people but I want to join the Philadelphia grad chapter, however I have no way to know where or how to meet members, since the websites haven't been updated since February with chapter events or programs. What do I do?

I am not a member of the organization but I attend grad school in the Philadelphia area. One of the major grad chapters for Alpha Kappa Alpha is Rho Theta Omega they have about four or five major events every year and they website is very up to date I recommend attending their annual community service event coming up in a couple of weeks or Philly's men is cooking in November. They chapters events are always very popular in the community so expect a very large turn out.
I am not a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha but I would suggest when pursuing graduate membership to become involved in other community service based organizations in your area which will most likely lead you to members of the sorority. You may also be able to meet members at your church as well. I would also suggest to keep checking the chapter website and go to the national website ( click on chapter locator click on the region you are in and find chapters that are in the Philadelphia area. When you find the chapter check to see if there is a contact email available, if there is email the contact person and ask if they would be willing to inform you about public events. Good luck.

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