How many hours a day does a full time college student spend in class?

It depends on how many units you take, how you arrange your class schedule, and whether any of the classes have labs.

If the average quarter/semester is 15 units, then with no lab classes that is 15 hours of class per week, or about 3 hours per day.

One quarter I took physics with lab, biochemistry, and a biochemistry lab, for a total of 22.5 hours of class per week (and only 13 units!)
It really depends on what day of the week and what you major is along with what school you go to. I personally spend anywhere from three to six hours daily.

A full time student can expect to spend 12-15 hours a week in class.
a 16 credit student would spend a little less than 16 hrs per week in class
The average full-time college course load is about 16 hours. That is less than 14 hours in class. But twice that is needed for study.
It's been a long time since I was in school, but if I rememer right a three credit hour course meant three hours per week. It just depends on how many credit hours you sign up for and which classes. You might spend three hours on Monday, four on Tuesday, none on Wednesday and four each on Thursday and Friday. A full time student used to be 15-18 credit hours so that would mean three or four hours per day.

Also, each hour in class usually meant two or three hours study time outside of class.
It depends on the college requirements. My university requires that in order to be considered a full time student you have to be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours. Your schedule will vary from day to day depending on what classes you register for. I personally have some days that have as little as 2 hours of class and some days that have as many as 7 hours of class. But I am a science major and have to take labs as well as lectures. But in general you should need at least 12 hours a week that can be spread out over the days depending on how you arrange your schedule.
I spend 3 -4 hours per day in class or 15 -20 hours per week. and of coarse the majority of the work is done outside of class.

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