tell me 10 ways to use a pencil other than writing?

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1. back scratcher
2. Electronics "fiddle-stick"
3. teething ring
4. Graphite (the lead")makes drawers operate smoother
5. pointer
6. play-toy
7. toothpick
8. bookmark
9.kindling for campfire
10. use as drumstick
11. Orchestra conductor's baton
12. splint for first aid
13. pry bar
14. tighten a tourniquet
15. straight-edge
16. measurement aid
17. counting stick (notches)
18. strainer
19. stir stick
20. keep epileptic from swallowing tongue during a seizure.
21. probe.
22. door stop
You sharpen it.
You can use it to open things.
Poke people xDD
I can't think of anymore at the moment :P draw, sketch, do neat circles, pick you nose,

Place the pencil horizontally under your breast, roughly parallel to the ribs. Raise it along the skin until it reaches the actual breast tissue, then release. If the pencil falls, you don't need a bra.

sell tie up your hair
chew it
use it for a drumstick
pencil test (used while pregnant to determine the sex of the baby)
unjam a stapler
use as a pointer
use for a pencil fight
tease your cat
twirl in your fingers



To demonstrate the story of humanity.

Leonard Read wrote a famous article called "I, Pencil" about the incredible device, the pencil, and how nobody on the planet knows how to make one, yet they are made in the millions at virtually no cost. Amazing! (see the story at the link below)


jackie kennedy?

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