Home schooling as A FRESHMAN!! {{answer}}?

Question:OK I recently hurt my back and my school is 3 stories and as a freshman all of my classes are on the 2nd floor.It hurts when I climb stairs and stuff.My mom and I talked about either getting me home schooled or home bound until the doctors do something about it..How do I get on home bound or home schooled in Louisiana?Does it cost anything? And I am also taking french next year so would I have to wait a year to take that class or would they help me?People say I will miss out on being in High School but my back really bothers me and I would probably be happier relaxing at home and doing my work at my own pace.PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!

im a fresh man to and all of my classes are on the second floor but for the handicaped ppl and injured ppl we have a elevator or i am sure the school will make some kind of accomodation..
Any class that you could take at school, you could homeschool...there are homeschool curriculums for everything under the sun.

For state requirements, check out www.hslda and click on your state, they will give you all the details. For curriculum, check out www.rainbowresource.com - they have nearly everything you could want. Other good sites:

www.videotextinteractive.com - full math courses for Algebra-PreCalc
www.mathusee.com - same thing
www.writing-edu.com - IEW, excellent writing curriculum
www.theeasyfrench.com - great French curriculum
www.bjupress.com - curriculum for nearly every subject, ready to go - they will even send you your full curriculum on a hard drive or downloaded satellite classes

You probably would be much happier homeschooling, and it's really not as hard as it sounds. You have to be disciplined and self-motivated to get your work done, but it doesn't sound like that's an issue for you :-)

The only cost you would incur would be your curriculum, but there are places (like Rainbow Resource above) that you can get it at pretty good discounts. All in all, it's well worth it and you can take things at your own pace, according to your interests and needs.

Good luck!
Im so srry to hear that. I would be homeschooled if i were u. Ur parents can teach u, And ur friends can tell u wat they r learning so u can learn it too. Hope u feel better.
You should qualify for home bound instruction, which is not the same thing as homeschooling.
When you participate in home-bound instruction you are still a public school student. You might have to prove your disability, even if it is temporary, you should qualify if a doctor can give you a statement explaining why you can't be in school.

Homeschooling is another option altogether, and you don't have to be sick or disabled to do it. To find out your options in that contact http://www.hslda.com that site lists laws of every state in relation to homeschooling.

If you choose homeschooling, then taking French does not need to be a problem. Rosetta Stone software is one of the most effective foreign language programs around. Another option would be Switched on Schoolhouse French from Alpha Omega Academy.

Actually there are so many options they can't all be listed here. Have your parents go to the library and get some books on homeschooling. Contact hslda, and Google homeschooling.
Homeschooling might be the ticket to your success!

Do some research on homeschooling for your state. Find a local support group and check out the home school legal defense site at http:/ / www.hslda.org/laws/default.asp (take out the extra spaces)

I'm homeschooling my freshmen this year as well. We are using
"Saxon Math" for Algebra 1
"Apologia" Exploring Creation through Biology
"KONOS" History of the World for History, Geography, Social Studies, Bible, and a bit of Latin
And a Communication Study through "Art of Elegance"

I have been reading books about homeschooling in general as well as through the high school years.
Cynthia Tobias and Susan Schaeffer are both great authors with a variety of Christian view books on the subject. I checked out everything from the Library I could, and bought more on eBay.com and amazon.com (also where I bought almost all of my curriculum at a great discount!)

For French you can hire a tutor to come to you, by a nice computer study, or just wait a year while your back heals.

You may find though, that homeschooling is just your style. What takes the public school 7-9 hours a day you can accomplish in 4-5 hours and get more specialized curriculum for you and your tastes as well as learn it better because you can go at your own pace and your preferred learning style!

Best of luck to you! Let me know how it goes.

Cindy Nipper

P.S. There is a Audio book from the Old School House Magazine called "Homeschooling the High Schooler" It's packed with sites and wonderful information including Clep, diplomas, transcripts, researching colleges, higher level math, and science. http:/ / www.theoldschoolhousestore.com...
First off, home bound and home school are two completely different things. With home bound, the public school supplies the work and the teacher to teach and grade, usually on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. Homeschool is for students who have been withdrawn from the public school system and their parents (or they) design and implement the curriculum.

With home bound education, you are still at the beck and call of the public school system and you would not really be allowed to work at your own pace (working ahead of or behind the class speed), just on your time schedule - the assignments will still need to be completed on-time. With homeschool, you are a separate entity (in many states, a private school) with no requirements or help from the public school - no textbooks, no teacher, no assignments. Because of this, you can work at your own level (above, below, or at grade level), at your own speed (finish one year of math in 6 months or 12 months).

Generally, home bound education is free, because it is still part of the public school system. Home schooling can be done for very little (sometimes no) money, but there are usually some costs involved for books. The cost can really be as little or as much as you want to spend, depending on what resources you use. Lots of the materials are available used (at discounted prices) and you can also use the library (free) for lessons in history, literature, etc.

You do not necessarily need to miss out on anything if you homeschool. There is probably at least one homeschool support group or co-op in your area where you can interact with other homeschool students who share your interests.

One warning: if there is ANY chance you may return to public high school, make sure you use a program that is accredited. Without accreditation, many public schools will NOT recognize ANY credits for work you have completed and will classify you as a freshman upon your return to the system (even if you are a junior or senior). One way around this is to take CBEs (credit by examination) where you pass a test to get credit for work you have already completed. But this can be costly (generally $25-50 per class per semester, so one year of math would be two tests) and is another hoop you will have to jump through.

To find the state laws on homeschooling in Louisiana, check the HSLDA website, linked in sources.
Okay, I'm actually going into high school next year. I have been homeschooled my entire life, and I think you would benefit tremendously, not just your back, but learning in general. There are lots of homeschooling groups too, and yes it will cost. You have to pay for books! But a few hundred dollars is a small price to pay for all that knowlege! OR... does your school have an elevator? If so, just use that.
i went into home schooling after 8th grade. home school would be a good idea in your case. i went threw pennfoster. they have a website you can go threw. you do ALL your work at home they send you the material threw the mail. you read the material learn do the exam and send it in. no fuss no muss. i am 19 now and i finished 2 years early. they have a course where you can take french at the end its like 100 down an like 34 a month. if you have questions contact me and ill be happy to give you all the info i know

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