How fast does the earth rotate in one minute?

Question:What is the formula? Is it possable to define this answer to at least 6 decmil places and what is unique about this question?

The rate of rotation doesn't change when the time-interval changes, just the distance covered and units-of-rotation. Please clarify your question so you get the answer you want.

The uniqueness of your question is that it is not really answerable, as you have phrased it.

The earth's circumference is 24,901.55. There are 1440 minutes in one day, so In one minute;

24901.55/1440 = 17.292743055555555555555555555...

So just a bit more than 17 miles of earth's equatorial circumference will rotate past an arbitrarily determined point, which is itself rotating around the sun. In MPH, this is 1037 miles/hour.

The circumference of the earth's orbit is approximately 584 million miles, and there are 365 X 1440 minutes in a year, or 525600 minutes. 584,000,000 / 525600 = 1111.11111... so in one minute, the earth covers approximately 1111 miles of it's annual trip around the sun. In mph, this is approximately 66666.6666.... miles/hour.
  • How fast does the earth rotate in one minute?
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