I homeschool my children and I do a lot of printing, What is the best type of printer to buy?

Question:I don't want to replace the ink everweek and I only printed out 200 pages using an Hp officejet. That's the kind I have now.

I also homeschool and do a lot of printing. I could not afford to replace the cartridges ever 1-2 weeks. It was killing our budget. I invested a little extra money and got a Samsung ML-2510 Laser printer (its b/w only)...but for school that's all I need.

The average ink cartridge will run $25-40 and give you 200-350 pages max. Whereas this laser printer's toner cartridges run around $80 you get 3000+ pages. It comes with a starter cartridge that they say will give you 500 pages and I am already well over 1000 with just the starter one (I do have toner save mode on, the quality looks the exact same). The printer itself retails for about $130 but I got it on sale at Office Max for $60 (instant rebate). If you watch the sales, it can be amazing.
With any printer you'll need to replace the cartridge after 200 pages. If not, the ink will already be low. I use a Lexmark it's cheap, and works. LOL
i have a good printer but you need to replace ink my printer is (hp) photosmart
I currently use an Epson Stylus cx3810. Seems I get more pages than with my older Epson, and the cartridges are cheaper.
I have a friend that does WAY more printing than I do (and I do A LOT) and she swears by her laser printer. Can't do color, but she does mainly b&w anyway.
A laser printer is the most economical if you're printing off a lot of stuff.

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