in civil war era, which side was the Democrat and which Republican?

Question: Abraham Lincoln was the first "Republican" President, elected in 1860. It is simplistic to think that one side was Democrat and the other was Republican. Just like today, there are Democrats and Republicans in all States. The correct way to look at this would be in terms of political ideology rather than parties. That is "Federalists"; those that believed in a strong national government and "Anti-federalists"; those that believed in strong states rights and a weak national government. The "North" was "Federalist" and the "South" was "Anti-federalist"
** Note:Prior to the 1860 election, the two major parties were the Whigs and the Democrart-Rebublicans (Democrats for short) originally founded by Thomas Jefferson.
I think the majority of the north was democratic Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the Republican party. the south was called the democratic party but the modern democratic party is much different then the party was back then. the north was republican Were parties established yet? In the civil war era, the north was the republicans, the south were democrats. however the parties roles have changed drastically today. neat her those parties did not exist well they were not big The North was Republican and the South was Democratic. The UNION was lead by Lincoln , a Republican Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. There was no Democrat party at that time. Heh - Democrats and Republicans were both in the Union. When the South seceeded, they also abandoned both parties. Actually in the Civil War era you had Whigs and you had Democrats. The Whigs were the Liberal party which after the 1890s became your modern day democrats and the Democrats of those days became your modern day republicans. How the switch occurred however, you'd have to research. I don't really know about that. The North was Republican and the South was Democrat Yankees- Democrat Confederacy-Republican abe lincoln was a republican
i know some are telling you theyve somehow now reversed roles with the dems
but trust me
its virtually still the same party
in fact
its the democrats whove really changed for the worst
even in just the last several decades
heres a small example
john f kennedy would be a republican of today
no way would he be caught acting like a socialist
listen to his most famouse quote
"ask not what your country can do for you
ask 'instead' what you can do for your country"
radically different from the leftist points of view today (opposite in fact)
charlie Abraham Linciln won the 1860 election largely because the Democrats split over the issue of slavery. The Democrats were holding their convention at Baltimore when the Southern delegates walked out. That convention then nominated Stephen Douglas. The southern delegates re-convened in Charleston, SC and nominated John Breckenridge.
At the beginning of the war, Northern Democrats were about evenly divided over their support of the war and Lincoln's policies. This support predictably waned over the course of the war. In addition, the Republicans split off a sizable body, known as the "Radicals", who felt that Lincoln was being too soft on the rebels, and who believed in the emancipation of the slaves. during the time of the civil war, i think that the north of the states were mostly run by the republicans, or as they call, the whigs, and then, the southern side, was the democrat party, and during that period, lincoln was president , During the Civil War no party politics were allowed in the Confederacy, but partisanship flourished in the North.

After the attack on Ft. Sumter, Douglas and most Democrats in the North rallied behind Lincoln. But Douglas died and the party lacked an outstanding national figure. There was a deep split between the anti-war Copperheads and the War Democrats. The party did well in 1862 elections but in 1864 it nominated General George McClellan, a War Democrat, on a peace platform, and lost badly as many War Democrats bolted. In 1866 the Radical Republicans scored two-thirds majorities in both houses of Congress and took control of national affairs by overriding the vetoes of President Andrew Johnson, as well as impeaching and coming within one vote of convicting him in the Senate in 1868. Johnson as president was independent of both parties. In 1872 the Democrats did not nominate a candidate but supported the Liberal Republican ticket of Horace Greeley; it did poorly. Prior to the civil war, the republican party was started by a bunch of former Whigs and other people that wanted to stop the spread of slavery. Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party candidate for the 1860 presidential election, won a large block of northern states to be elected. Lincoln was a Congressman from Illinois.

The Democratic Party supported the right of slavery prior to the civil war. There was a split during the presidential convention so essentially two candidates were chosen. John Breckinridge was supported by the Southern Democrats. Breckinridge was the Vice President. Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois was chosen by the Northern Democrats.

A centrist, John Bell of Tennessee, also ran.

After the war, radical republicans supported troops in the south and punishing the south for the war. The Southern remained staunchly democratic until after WWII.

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