Are home schooled kids smarter?

Question: They might know the facts better, but they won't be able to socialize or do group projects as well because they're on their own.
Depends on the kids, their aptitudes, and the quality of the instructor. They are not necessarily smarter. No. It's more a matter of personal attention. If the ratio of students to teachers is 2:1, then the kids get more time to learn, gt explanations, understand as opposed to a classroom with thirty or more kids. No, not necessarily. But, do they get a better education? That's the question. no, they have a curriculum to follow just like kids at school do, if naything tho school teaching is better because they intereact with people and the teachers no how to teach a lot of parents won't no how to do some of the things they need to be taught and just ened up going bk to school i don't know but they might have societal disorders being segregated from others. I think it depends on the kid and the teacher and your definition of smarter. I don't know about being smarter, but they graduate earlier because they have the more one on one time with their teacher and can get their work done quicker, or have more time to do their work! Yea. Because homeschooled kids dont have to deal with social stuff and can concentrate more on their studies. But when it comes to the real world and having to deal with people, it can be alittle tough. no because the kids that arnt get to interact with ppl at the class skol teachers they see hear touch understand evrything schooled ,do you mean schooler a person who attends school. i do not know of any that are smarter..I know several home schoolers, and the lack both book smart, and street smart. They cannot properly socialize...which is a very important quality to have! i was home skooles, i still gots all my teeth.
yesterday i glued my head to my sholder and stapled my mouth shut.
my mummy puts me in the washing machine to get the bugs off me Not necessarily, the reason being you have to have an intelligent kid to begin with. One thing you have to remember is that, you CANNOT teach intelligence, you can only teach subject matter. If the kid is not academically endowed with brains, them you can do little to give him intelligence.Intelligence is a God given talent. I was homeschooled and I didnt learn squat. i wish i wouldve stayed in public school They can be. Studies show that children in smaller classes and groups at school do better because they have more attention and are more likely to get the questions answered properly and completely. So it only makes sense that children who are on basically a one on one contact level will do even better.
Smarter? Maybe not most children have the potential to be smart. But more successful? Probably.

And if you get them involved in sports and other activities they can lead perfectly normal social life's as well. Many Home schooled children have Excelled in Math and Reading which are two hard Academics. So, the answer is yes they are smarter than the average child in the public school because they get that one on one attention that a teacher who has 30 kids in her room doesnt always have time to give that extra attention, she does her best but it is hard to care for all 30 of the childrens needs at once. being smarter is not always the case.. it depends on how much there parents know, and also push you.. Their kids tend to learn more in the field of the parents then anything else.. So in some cases, yes.. home schooled kids tend to be smarter.. and in other incidents.. no, they tend to be stupider then other kids. They can be when the parent is a better teacher than the guys/gals teaching at the local public school. Test well but socially retarded. wrong they socialize just fine. Mine were in scouts and other church youth groups and did just fine. I don't really think they are smarter per say. I think that they do benefit from the more individualized attention. THEY MAY BE SMARTER IN BOOKS BUT WHAT ABOUT REAL LIFE PROBLEMS. HOW CAN YOU EVER GET EXPERIENCE IN LIFE IF YOUR AT HOME ALL THE TIME. SCHOOL IS NOT JUST ABOUT LEARNING ABOUT BOOKS, ITS ALSO ABOUT INTERACTING WITH OTHERS, TEACHING STUDENTS HOW TO DEAL WITH AUTHORITIES, AND LEARNING HOW TO MAKE ROUTINES AND GETTING USED TO THEM. I was homeschooled. But, It was done right with me. I believe you can only homeschool if you have a group of homeschoolers. If you don't have that, you're harming your kids. Let a real human answer you. Yes, they get all the attention they need and they aren't stressed out with bullying, crack-heads or other potential hazards that a school offers. And no, they are not socially retarded. They often get together with other home school kids and interact. Also, they can go to the local school for gym or other activities. Anyone who tells you different is ignorant or looking to get smacked. Hear that ya mortals? Do your research or shut your ugly mouths! Seems so,,most of the spelling bee winners are home schoolers. And as far as socialization...I went to public school and my social skills are terrible. When u join a home school group u can still have ur child go to their nearest school and join in w/ their after school sports programs,,adleast here in florida. And home schooling groups get together to socialize their kids. Home schooled kids do have the opportunity to get a better education if you go through the right schooling system and make sure that they do not lag off and get lazy while they're doing it. You can see the people that just do home schooling because their kids just don't want to do most of the work in school so they just basically throw their lives away and barely make it through. Alothough some kids might get a better education in home schooling, they definately will loose many social skills and how to cope with different people which are skills that are greatly needed almost as much as an education in the world today. Home schooled kids are not any smarter than publicly schooled children. I think there are advantages and disadvantages of both types of schooling, but it has nothing to do with how smart the kids are. No, I believe that the social interaction learn by going to school is important to a child's learning process and development. Home schooled kids are more advanced than kids in public schools. I know a fifth grader that was learning some eigth grade stuff. However, have you ever heard of a home schooled kid getting into Yale or Harvard? Most of the home schooled kids I know only go to public universities. It will really depend on the child and the instructor and the level of commitment that there is. I went to school with an individual that had previously only been home schooled and she was extremely smart book wise. However, she did have issues with social situations because she had never been with other young individuals. It depends entirely on how they were educated. Public schools are often underfunded and understaffed. If homeschooling is done properly, a home schooled kid tends to score higher on most aptitude tests.
Another issue raised in the answers, is social experience. I was home schooled for a number of years and had plenty of opportunity for social growth. There were classes taught by parents who had training in various areas, allowing the various kids in our area to get together, sporting events for home schooled kids, parties, and many other activities aimed at getting us together with kids our own ages. It all comes down to whether the parent looks out for these events, and also the students drive to interact socially.

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