Writing Skills Writing Assignment 007868 (pennfoster). What am i suppose to write around?

all it say is to choose a topic from your personal knowledge and experience.
am i missing something specific?

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Penn Foster
As far as I can see, no.

Write about what you know, that's what most experts also so to anyone who wishes to write!
I remember these types of assignments in conservatory. Get used to it, because the professional world will require you to write reports based on your personal experience, too. A professional report will require adjectives the who, what, when, where, why, and how information that are attributed to communication articles, too.

And that may be a great approach. Think about something you own participated within or that has happen around you. Write about it as if it be a news event. Describe what happen, what the outcome was, and what is possible to happen as a result. Experiences might include a sporting event, a club that you belong to, something disruptive that happen at school.

Include the details and try to anticipate the question that others might ask. Use the 5-w model (Who, what, when, where, why, and how) contained by writing it.

Good luck and have fun near it.
Do have a secure hobby or know a lot give or take a few a certain pet or sport? These are some prompts to bring you writing ;)

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