Should Christian Homeschoolers have their children taken away from them by force?

Question:Melissa Busekros was dragged away from her family for "school fobia", because she was homeschooled, and that is against the law where she lives. (Before you make comments, please read the article at

Are Christian homeschoolers subversive? What should be Christians response to these actions?

Children should be taken from their parents if they are severely abused, either by physical means or by emotional means. To do otherwise is to remove a parent's legal rights to raise a child as they see fit. The German law is set against homeschooling because they are still rebounding from the 30's when the educational system was used to support brainwashing into the Hitler youth. They are basically afraid that ANY parent could do the same thing that the government schools already did.

I personally think it's ridiculous to not allow HS'ing. Homeschooling is a very effective and meaningful way to educate children, and it is seems frightening to me that public schools have such an agenda for society at large that it seems important to them to have every child within their system.

Most Christian homeschoolers are no different than Jewish, Muslim, Atheistic, or Pagan homeschoolers (I'm sure I've forgotten some, but these are religions with whom I am personally acquainted as homeschoolers) They don't have their kids out to subvert them, or train them against anyone, they have them out of public schools because PS aren't providing what kids need, either academically, emotionally, or behaviorally.
I personally think the the government is getting just way to involved with people's personal lives.
If people wish to participate in their society, they should be prepared to meet its normal norms. I'm sure that your Christian Homeschooling have their own agenda, but is it one that prepares the child to deal within the polyglot society in which we all live? Shortchanging them in their education is shortchanging them in preparation for dealing with life generally.
no, but that is in Germany and has been law since the 1930's. I think homeschooling should be a parent's choice.
Home Schooling is perfectly legal, in most States, if the parents participate in the State criteria and outlines for education at home. Home schooled kids have to follow a State curriculum and also submit tests to prove they are following the State mandated criteria for home schooling.

If this actually happened, it may be because the parents or legal guardians did not participate in the State's legally mandated outlines for home school education.

Don't believe everything you read because often the writer is skewing their article.
As far as I know homeschooling is legal in the U.S. and Christian parents are not the only ones who homeschool.

As to being subversive I don't know any who are and I know quite a few. Some of these kids were taken out of regular school because the government educational system was not meeding the needs of their child(ren).

I have a friend who has special needs children and educators told them that one of their children would never amount to anything much. They homeschooled and the child is now in college.

Also, homeschool children do meet with other children in homeschool associations. They take social science and history trips together, take science and math classes together; and some go to local schools for classes they do not get at home.

The ones I know are well-rounded, caring, thoughtful individuals and independent thinkers and "educated" in the best sense of the word.
I'm kind of confused by your question. On the one hand, you are talking about Christians having their kids taken away, yet you are using an example that has nothing to do with the family being Christian.

In regards to Christian families, the only reason kids should be taken away from their families is if there's any real reason to believe there is something horrible going on--child abuse, for example.

As for the German family, it seems that the German government, in trying to prevent families from raising Nazi kids, is a little too over-protective and militant, acting more like Nazis than the families they are afraid to let homeschool. The law is fear-based, unfortunately.
Well, the law was made in by Adolf Hitler. I think that is a law they need to change. The Bible does tell us to obey the laws of the land, unless it conflicts with God's laws. (Mark 12:17;Acts 5:29, just to name few) But it looks like these parents just got a tutor for their daughter. If the school did not want her being educated at home, the school should have offered an alternative, so she wouldn't fall behind.
Do I think the child should be taken away from her parents? No. She was not being abused in any way. Her parents were just trying to get her the best education possible.
Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. Christians who home school seem to be doing it to make sure their kids stay brainwashed.
Homeschooling is illegal in Germany and the government there has been obsessive about keeping the children of German residents and citizens in government schools since WWII. Most homeschooling families in Germany operate underground and many have had to flee the country.

The fact that this family is Christian is not related to this case.
It should be up to the parents.
that depends.
merely for being Christian, or merely for homeschooling? no.

While I don't agree with Germany's anti-homescooling stance, your attempt to turn this into a Christian persecution issue is disingenuous.

Homeschooling can be subversive, yes, but that doesn't make it wrong.

why the thumbs down? please explain how this is about their religion.

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