Is it possible to be a homeschooled punk?

sure. homeschooling can be very punk...buck the system and all that.
sure it is! i know several....if fact it is probably easier as you wont be learning stupid behaviors and will avoid lame influences
Yes, though not as common as public school punks.
Yeah, but you'd be a better emo cause homeschoolers have a lot of lone time to perfect their melancholy j/k
Indeed it is. I've met one.
yea you can be whatever u want alot of people will tell u to stop being labeled but its imposible the world always has to have name for each other .But actually you can you wont have anyone to show your punkness to unless you have extra curicular activities my friends a punk and was homeschooled
Yes. I have many friends that are homeschooled and most of them are emo or punk. I don’t think it has to do with where you go to school at all.
yeah it definatly is
definitely. I have a punk friend who's been homeschooled all her life
Of course people will get to know you, specially if you do extra curricular activities. When ever we do our activities we notice to be the only Hispanics in the group. It makes me feel good because we are actually being know. Specially because homeschooling is not that popular in Hispanics. Hope I made my point.

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