"A Jury of her Peers" Questions?

Question:1. From the information provided in the story, describe the character of Minnie Wright:
...a. as a young woman before her marriage
...b. as a wife married for several years

2. Imagine that you are Sheriff Peters. Briefly describe the crime scene as you see it.

3. Imagine that you are Mrs. Peters. Briefly describe the crime scene as you see it.

4. From the details provided, briefly describe the character of the murder victim.

5. What are the important pieces of evidence that only the women notice, which could point to the person who committed the crime?

6. How does the author show the reader that the women both know the identity of the murderer, the reasons, and the method of the murder?

7. Explain why the women do not reveal their knowledge to the sheriff.

8. If you had been one of the two women in the story, what would you have done at the story's conclusion, when the men returned to the cabin? Explain your reasons.

9. Explain the significance of the story's title.

Have you actually read the book? These answers are in there...read the book.
A jury of her peers
by Susan Glaspell; Edward Joseph Harrington O'Brien

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A Jury of Peers

In A Jury of Peers by Susan Glaspell, the story revolves around the sudden death of John Wright. There are five characters that participate in the investigation of this tragedy. Their job is to find a clue to the motive that will link Mrs. Wright, the primary suspect, to the murder. Ironically, the ladies, whose duties did not include solving the mystery, were the ones who found the clue to the motive. Even more ironic, Mrs. Hale, whose presence is solely in favor of keeping the sheriff s wife company, could be contributed the most to her secret discovery. In this short story, Mrs. Hale s character plays a significant role to Mrs. Wright s nemesis in that she has slight feelings of accountability and also her discovery of the clue to the motive. More………


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