If a sentence ends surrounded by an short way around, do you put two period?

If an abbreviation next to a period ends a sentence, you do not obligation to add a sentence-ending extent. However, do include other end-of-sentence punctuation (like punctuation marks and give somebody the third degree marks), as necessary.
no One length is all that is to say needed.

I asked that same examine.


No, still one.

Use a extent with abbreviation:

Dr. Espinoza arrived from Washington, D.C., at 6 p.m.
Notice that when the period climax the abbreviation comes at the conclusion of a sentence, it will also suffice to end the sentence. On the other appendage, when an abbreviation ends a give somebody the third degree or exclamation, it is appropriate to add a cross-examine mark or exclamation speck after the abbreviation-ending period:


an ant crawls on a tabletop, moves 2cm east, turns 3cm 40 degrees north of east and finally....?

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