Can you list 10 ways the government affects our lives? PLEASE HELP?

Question:I really need 50 so be creative i already have 26 so think up some ones that ppl wouldnt think of. be creative!

1. They regulate what we watch on Television

2. They regulate what our pay scale is .

3. They regulate who comes into our Country.

4. They tell us who can join the army

5. They regulate the housing and low income families.

6. They regulate the news media

7. They regulate how much we can sell something to the public.

8. They regulate our buying or renting homes.

9. They regulate you bank accounts

10. They regulate your computers.
They put you in school that does not prepare you for the world
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You're half way, keep going! You can figure this one out, don't ask others to do it for you!
I'll give you one and it's a good one:

Don't steal, the government hates competition. On top of that they say certain sexual situations are illegal in certain states which sooooooooooo affects me.

Figured I'd at least give you a legitimate one.
They try to limit your freedom as much as possible.
Well one thing for sure is he gives me cold cheeks. At tax season or every time i buy something he forgets to pull my pants back up.
It discourages work through taxation.

It makes drugs illegal, so drug-dealers get rich.

It intervenes in countries where it shouldn't (like Iraq) but not where it should (like Rwanda).
Try this site:
ooooooooookkkkk, there are alot of bitter people posting on here!
how about positive things for a change?
-Service people that protect us, like police, firfighters, the army, etc.
-Freedom of speech, press, etc.
-Regulate food and medications to protect people
Just try to think outside the box. XD

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