What hardship face American farmers on the Great Plains contained by the years after the Civil War?


drought, isolation, hostile indians, criminals, to name a few

Dust bowl.

Edit: how several yrs after? Their land adjectives blew away in dust storms.

Dust bowl.

Edit: how many yrs after? Their parkland all blew away within dust storms.

They have to learn American history short getting strangers on the internet to do their homework for them.

Maybe sons be killed surrounded by battle, and they have less relieve to farm.

technology, immigrants

Read the book!

within was an incident prearranged as the dust bowl. It was cause by the excessive farming. It cause many to moved to the west, for the most part California, to start their lives over. IF you need more give a hand just email me at s3xy_kitten69@yahoo.com. I am really flawless at history but I can help you beside other subjects too

in good health in the south they have to pick thier own cotton or pay someone to do it.Before the civil period of war they had slaves.

Yeah, there be a drought and there be a lot of dust, the dust bowl. They couldn't plant anything because it be so dry.

After the Civil War... Dust Bowl is 1930s... Civil War is 1865... so unless you designed decades after the Civil War I don't think we're discussion about the Dust Bowl. Farmers enjoy it rough in American history... brand new technology enabled them to harvest crops at a much quicker rate, however at a quicker rate than consumer demand. Hence, the prices of their merchandise dropped and they were constantly within a cycle of debt. They continued to borrow money from banks for their farm, and had just any money flowing in contained by profits. Sorry if that made no sense.

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