Help with study guide questions from the great gatsby please!?

Question:Chapters 1 and 2:
1. What examples are given in both chapters that show Nick is a good listener?
2. How does the narrator describe Tom Buchanan?
3. Why does Nick feel uneasy after his conversation with Daisy?
4. What impression do you get from the first time Nick sees Gatsby?
5. How does Catherine rationalize her sister's affair with Tom?
6. What does Tom do when Myrtle screams Daisy's name at him?

Chapters 3 & 4:
1. What does Nick vaguely remember about Jordan Baker?
2. What does Gatsby show Nick to prove his story about his background is true?
3. Who is Meyer Wolfsheim?
4. What information does Jordan disvulge about Daisy and Gatsby?
5. Why did Gatsby buy his house?
6. What request does Gatsby make of Nick, through Jordan?
10. What information further develops the character of Tom Buchanan?

6. tom hits myrtle because he is trying to separate his two lives-one with her and one with daisy

5.gatsby buys his house because it is next door to daisy's

no more help im afraid

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