Choose the sentence below in which of is used correctly?

Question:A.We should of left early.
B.The boys surrendered, but they should of fought.
C.the bird flew north of the beach.
D. The three girls might of broken the records.


All the other examples should be "should HAVE" or "might HAVE"
I would say C. C.

sentence a b and d have the same problem. the problem is it should say should have not should of. c is the only answer left that makes sense The answer is C. All of the other sentences are inproper English.

i agree with the first person, they should be 'should have' but see makes the most sense

none of them.


I hope it is "C", cos I can't understand the other 3.

C is correct .

C.the bird(s) flew (N)orth of the beach above all the beautiful clear blue watery waves that made me thought of rainbows that was shown in the sky after the rain>

AC is the correct answer. "Of" is a preposition and may never be used as a verb. We make the mistake because we say "would've or could've or should've." All of these are contractions, and it sounds as though we are saying "would of, or could of, or should of." What we actually mean is would have, could have, or should have, all verbs.

I hope this helps. C... in the other 3 sentences you must switch the 'of' with 'have' to understand the sentence...

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