How do you do an outline on a 5th grade report?

Question: It really depends on what you want to do the report ON, but go for main ideas --> sub-categories --> details, like this:

I. Main Idea 1
A. First Subcategory
1. Small detail
2. Small detail
B. Second Subcategory
1. Small detail
2. Small detail
3. Small detail

II. Main Idea 2

Repeat until you've finished your outline. It doesn't matter how many subcategories or details you have - the idea is that it's all organized and all the information is there.
What type of report?? Be specific. Here is a start... okay, the first thing you need to do is make out the questions that you will be answering in the report... do this in list form...
1. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Childhood

then answert them in the same way... and that really is all there is to it. I. How to do an Outline
A. For 5th Grade Reports?
1. It is the same as all other outlines.
a. There are no other styles reported to date
2. The simple format follows this pattern
b. Blah blah blah
B. For 6th Grade Reports?
1. All outlines are probably the same.

CRUD! I indented all this to make it look like an outline. This just sucks. I. Introduction
A. Main point
1. subpoint
2. subpoint
B. Main point 2
1. subpoing
II. Body Paragraph 1. (Main point 1)
A. etc.
III. Body Paragraph. etc...
IV. Conclusion First line is your topic
A. Certain specfic about topic
1. List items that support
2. """""""""""""""""""""""
B. Next specific

And so on intro paragraph

3 body paragraphs

conclusion paragraph

I. intro

II. body - main idea one
A. detail 1
B. detail 2
C. detail 3

III. body - main idea two
A. detail 1 about idea two
B. detail 2
C. detail 3
IV. body - main idea three
A. detail 1
B. detail 2
C. detail 3

V. conclusion I think you just write your notes in an organized way. Make sure to have an introduction and a conclusion. The intro should catch the reader's attention and then state what you'll be talking about. The conclusion should move from facts to significance. Why is what you said important? In between, you'll want each main idea that you'll be writing about, logically ordered. If any of the main ideas have subcategories, make sure you list them. Finally, under each of those, put down details, examples, quotes or what have you that you will be using to make your point.

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