How do you prioritise own workload and meet deadlines?

Question:Must be able to prioritise own workload and meet deadlines

It's important to put things in priorty order, do the most important things first and then get to the rest. Also making a to do list helps, cross off things as you complete them. Also, separate things in order of completion such a what needs to be done today or can be put off until tomorrow, next week, etc...
Well you organise youself a time plan of what you have to do each day to meet the dead line all you need is a calender and a pen
Look at what needs completing then decide which is most important, for instance if a cupboard needs cleaning and a child needs changing then obviously the cupboard waits. You also need to estimate how long each task will take and that will give you the info on how many tasks you can complete in a given time thereby meeting any deadlines you have been given.

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