Funny Persuasive Speech Topics?

im looking for a topic for a speech .. im trying to find something funny.. but it has to be practical.. any suggestions

Answers:    Convincing soaring school students to drink from the fountain instead of buying Dasani wet -- (which is their own municipal water near added packaging).
You can get funny quotes from race about bending over within public, drinking from pointed paper cups, etc.
The dichotomy between wadding dumps with plastic bottles and fretting give or take a few global warm can be played for lots of laughs if you aren't too sarcastic.
First 26 Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

1. The movie rating system is rigged.
2. Voting should be mandatory.
3. Marijuana should be legalized and allowed to be sold surrounded by coffee shops.
4. College textbooks should be loaned to students for free.
5. Parking and coffee should be included within college tuition.
6. Students should not have to pinch coursework unrelated to their major.
7. College students should be required to wear uniform.
8. Let go of former times.
9. Jury duty should not be mandatory.
10. Health insurance should be free to all.
11. Students should be exempt from taxes.
12. As gas prices increase, wages should too!
13. Teachers should be required to provide study guides for exams.
14. Safety lights should be installed surrounded by all college parking lots.
15. Becoming a lacto-vegetarian makes for a improved lifestyle.
16. Losing weight is a great method to change your go.
17. Lying is a natural and important part of well brought-up relationships.
18. Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)
19. Start planning for the adjectives.
20. Don't eat rapid food!
21. Don't fall prey to in-thing diets!
22. Be yourself! (Leadership rather than following others)
23. Parent guru conferences should be mandatory.
24. Say "no" to college credit card offers.
25. Minimum wage should be raise.
26. Luck is not a matter of kismet.

2nd 28 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

26. Become an organ donor.
27. Kevin Federline (Britney Spears' hubby) is a freeloader.
28. Elvis is alive!
29. Michael Jackson was abduct by aliens!
30. The Janet Jackson super bowl faux pas was not an twist of fate!
31. Home schooling is the best education program!
32. Private school are better than public schools!
33. Donate to charity!
34. Satellite is better than cable!
35. McDonalds is better than Burger King.
36. Buying is better than renting.
37. Renting is better than buying.
38. Recycle!
39. Don't procrastinate.
40. Celebrities receive preferential legalized treatment.
41. Reality TV is not "real".
42. Keep a journal.
43. Women can do anything men do and they can do it better!
44. Athletes should be apt role models.
45. Winning isn't everything but it sure beats losing.
46. All is carnival in love and period of war.
47. Teachers deserve pay raise!
48. Students with "A's" should be exempt from finals.
49. Everyone should own a pet!
50. Wal-mart is the best place to shop!
51. Use credit cards responsibly.
52. Everyone should purloin a self defense class.
53. Parents should take an involved role in their children's rearing.

What to do with virtuous advice that in reality isn't good?
Everyone a university point.
How to get rid of boring blind date.
If you think you can, you can - or not.
How to chuckle every day.
Bingo keep grandmoms off the streets.
What is a funny topic or humorous speech anyway?
Why lacto-vegetarian don't love animals.
The bigger the worser, or vary on the adjectives of this funny topic for a persuasive speech.
Limiting alternatives will get your choice easier.
Don't take life span too seriously.
How to eat things you don’t approaching to eat.
How to blame your dog for everything that go wrong.
Banks have to forbid sunglasses and hats to avoid robberies.
Ordering the world the funny means of access.
It is impossible to change our characteristics.
Blonds are not stupid.
Why tolerant play doesn't work.
How to annoy the passenger next to you on a flight.
Ten ways to annoy your public.
How to feel unreadable Windows error messages.
What to do when you're stuck in an elevator.
Polite ways to ruin a reputation.
Humorous things to do beside superglue.
How to find a funny topic for a persuasive speech.
How to use politically correct terms for mortifying moments.
How the rich stay rich and the poor poor.
The benificial effects of smoking.
How to set up practical jokes.
And, finally this fun speech topic: The search out for The Holy Grail is nothing compared to my dig out for a funny topics for a persuasive speech.
Why should college student drink at house partys.

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