what does a,z,y stand for contained by math???

Question:im trying to remember but i cant........ heres the question........ (5+z)=y please someone sustain me figure this out

variables, they stand for numbers you don't know so i would reckon you would need to know for a moment more info to answer that question except i do know that 5 plus "a number" equals another "number"

OOOOOOh im working on algebra too. the packages are variables and they stand for numbers.


me and my algebra teacher and tutor

OOOOOOh im working on algebra too. the letters are variables and they stand for numbers.


me and my algebra tutor and tutor


If there is another factor to this problem, you should put it. I would help you but it seem like a piece of this problem is missing. Either another (5+z)=y with different numbers or what the variables (the letters) stand for. Also, you can of late write the whole problem here if it is a word problem, if it have some words in it, and the type of answer your suppose to hold like: what do the variables stand for. what is the y-intercept within this equation. That would help anyone trying to assistance you.


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They are approaching blanks that you are trying to fill surrounded by with numbers. We use junk mail instead of blanks so you won't forget which blank is which.

they are variables, junk mail that take place of a number and you hold to figure out what the number is using the math problem

In mathematics (algebra), we use parcels of the alphabet as variables--they are "place holders" for unknown values. The equation you offered means "5 plus some unknown attraction which we'll call z is equal to an unknown merit that we'll call y." The specific junk mail used don't really matter.

Now if we are graphing, it can be a bit different. A number chain is an x-axis. When we are graphing in two dimensions, the horizontal axis is the x-axis, while the vertical axis is the y-axis. In three dimensions, we add on a z-axis (which is perpendicular to the other two and sticks straight out from the page). So it may be that this is a three-dimensional equation, giving relationships on the y- and z-axes.

We really want a bit more information to say for sure what this is, or what we should try to accomplish near it. it is used in math as #'s that you enjoy to figure out by doing math.


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ooooo and my friend is a math geek;)

these are variables. you solve for their values. you do this by getting them to the gone side of the equal sign in an equation through some algebraic procedures. when youve succeeded in getting a single unfixed to the left and adjectives the other numbers and/or variables on the right side of the equal sign, then you've successfully found its advantage..

Basically (5+z)=y is an equation where on earth z is any number and y is any number increased by 5. If you were plotting points afterwards

{[z=0, y=5] [z=1, y=6]......}

a, z, and y are known as variables because they can be any number. they're basically variable that are really numbers

Those letters are call "variables" and they are used to substitue for unknown numbers in an equation. They are different post because they stand for different numbers. Sometimes these equations have more than one positive answer and therefore that is to say why they are called "variables." For instance:

6+4-3=7 and
so if you put the variables contained by

This could be any number of possibilities to equal seven. Again, hence the name, Variables. 'z' and 'y' could be any junk mail... To solve the equasion subtract 5 from each side. In this baggage, z = y-5

variables thyey stand for the missing numbers

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