How did WW1 effect Europe and U.S?

It seperated some aspects of them . The U.S's primary goal at this point be to gain more allies. Because of the power around them caused by communism , this become more difficult by the day. So, it made those who required to be on their own strive to do so. The war give Europe more seperated than they already were. With Germany's nouns towards the U.S made it hard and have been one of the fundamental causes but for the main produce of WWII . This hostility eventually spread cause a Nazi rebellion . This be all because of the Treaty of Versailles . The treaty be made so that reparations could be paid. These reperations or time of war fines had to be salaried by Germany .

My 8th grade Social Studies guru and to refresh my memory , Wikipedia

My 8th grade Social Studies lecturer and to refresh my memory , Wikipedia

America became a powerhouse. It started the age of expansion. Europe turned into a second rate continent.

Europe became weaker. The US become fearless within foreign war.

World War One had an influential impact on national relations. Every country was becoming more industrialized (making more products and spanking new weapons). These countries' leaders were trying to generate citizens more patriotic. It seem like a fresh start; adjectives countries were developing both industrially and urbanly and trying to create an figure.

Even though the first war kill fewer victims than the second world period of war, destroyed fewer buildings and uprooted millions instead of tens of millions - surrounded by many ways it gone even deeper scars both on the mind and the map of Europe. The great depression. Each country go into a depression but america got out easier than everyone else. They made Germany settle to much and that made germany weak and within a state of chaos. While meagre, Hitler came and made everyone believe he could brand things better and it was the jews and the gypsys and etcs denounce. So everyone believed he could lead them into prosperity and elected him and thus leading to world time of war 2.

WW1 is 35 countries at period of war, 9 to 10 millions killed (MIA included), 30 millions injured or mutilated, 8 millions POWs...

(In France and undeniably most of the involved Continental European countries not a single family be spared)

It's the major event of modern History near the fall of the world as it have been set until then. It is huge geopolitical change with the dismantlement of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the collapse of the German Reich, the creation of untried independent countries in intermediate Europe and in the Balkans.
It sets up the scene of the XXth century History among which, seed through the appearance of those new countries and huge time of war reparations (mostly due by Germany), the next period of war to come.

At the same time the tremendous time of war damages all over Europe own put to its knees the economical balance and adjectives industries.

Like any major disaster it comes beside its evolutions. The world map has be redrawn and notion of distances revised: Australia and New-Zealand were affianced at the early stage, their troops war mostly in the Balkans a soon as 1915, US affianced itself with troops surrounded by April 1917 (USA were independent before that, it is after the ship Viligentia be sank by Germany on March 19, 1917 that President Wilson call the Senate to vote war on April 2nd), colonial empire were out of stock, many Africans from the French Union fought to freed France paying a vastly significant tribute.

The notion of those distances being revised, modern business is prepared to expand worldwide.

Women being the simply workforce available have be put to men work positions in industrial plants similar to in countryside field, forever changing the facade of the work world and the society as they gained their rights to enter or accomplish positions that until then be reserved to men. In many cases and places they freshly earned a genuine modern social status and their right to work (not meaning they weren't previously, but not at all within the same spheres).

The US have been a impartial country since President George Washington, its engagement in WW1 is a central event in US History as for the 1st time ever US get involved in an international period of war. It's role will be essential and the world will learn that it requirements the US. At that point the US international status changed from a former colony to a major and crucial international player.

To pay a tribute to the US soldiers KIA, the largest WW1 military graveyard in Europe is surrounded by Meuse-Argonne (France) in the town of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon. Over 14,000 servicemen rest within peace there; they with the sole purpose represent 40% of the US KIA (other were brought vertebrae to the States).

WW1 did change the facade of the world as it has be known until afterwards... There would so much more to say...


School memories and my own reading.
Most other sources (i.e. numbers) are French websites (therefore not listed here) paying their own tribute to our ever Friend country the US and its men and women.

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