Poorly written instructions or procedures?

Question:My assignment for a technical writing class is to "find a set of instructions or procedures that you is poorly written, critique it, and rewrite it." Off the top of my head, I can't think of any instructions or procedures that I have recently seen which are poorly written. Can any of you recommend a site that gives bad or poorly written instructions or procedures?

Look on any of those technical sites by companies that are not based in English speaking countries. I have seen some great ones by Telemechanique where in the middle of a bizarre English explanation they put the key words into French.
here's one:


If you have the manuals for your DVD player, VCR, TV, gas grill, etc., they might have some bad writing.
Find any set of " Instructions for Non- Readers" on anything- they're almost always ***-backwards from the ones that are written out. Or the Assembly Instructions form any Power Wheels vehicle for kids. You might make a ton of cash on the Power-Wheels one- the instructions are for non-readers, and no bigger than a letter-size piece of paper. They are ridiculous. Good Luck. And please- if you re-write Power Wheels- can I have copies?
I can help you with a product and, unless the instructions have GREATLY IMPROVED since June 2, 2002, people who read them, despite their being printed in approximately 4 languages, are lost because too many steps aren't included. Before I tell you the product, may I say something and, if you are studying to become a technical writer as opposed to just taking a class toward another type of degree, you can make the world a better place for the general public: I consider myself to be reasonably bright, but if I've never dealt with a particular object technically and the obvious doesn't work as the next step (ie: I tried to use common sense, but the manufacturer didn't provide a solution on the instruction paper either), how am I to know what the solution is? Don't assume that the customer knows the most simple step(s). Write it--they'll "love" you!
The product is a Timex w/ a "Indiglo" feature. I believe my dad got it at Sears or JC Penney.
Good luck on your paper! If this is for a Creative Writing course, I took one several years ago. Aren't they fun?!

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