The ratio of an object's weight on earth to its weight on Neptune is 5 : 7. How much would a person who?

Question:weighs 150 pounds on earth weigh on neptune?
a. 107 1/7 pounds
b. 170 pounds
c. 210 pounds
d. 750 pounds

I believe the answer is c but would like to make sure if anyone can help...

earth : neptune
5 : 7
weight = 150 pounds(on earth)

1 part=150/5(5 is the ratio on earth)
1 part=30

on neptune its 7
so 7*30 =210 pounds
you are right
A person's weight on Neptune is 7/5 of their weight on earth. Multiply their weight on earth by 7, and divide the result by 5.


But since they can't breathe on Neptune, they won't last long enough to weigh in.

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