How do I properly capitalize "second world war" in an essay? Or do I have to capitalize it at all?

Question:I'm pretty sure World War II is capitalized. But what about the second world war. Is it the Second World War? ...or the second World War? I'm so confused.

World War II is correct. I don't think you have to capitalize when just referrring to "second world war". But I am not an English major so not sure. Sorry
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There's going to be some flexibility here. I consider it a proper noun, just like World War II, so I'd capitalize it as the Second World War. You may get some folks who insist "World War" is a proper noun and "second" is an adjective describing it -- "second World War." Really though, I prefer the first option, and every source I've seen has suggested the same.
second World War or World War II is fine.
Try World War II or Second World War. It's a proper noun in either case, since it identifies a special event (thing).
it's all capitalized no matter which way you say it. World War II or Second World War.

How do I know? I teach the subject.
Type it all into Microsoft Word and do a grammer check to see what it comes up with. Ha Ha
Second World War
World War II

All words with capitals.

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