How hard is English 1 Honors?

Question:How different is it than regular, and what would I do on the first day. Thanks in advance.

i took that course 2 years ago, and to tell you the truth, ours was exactly the same as regular except our essays were graded more critically. some people told us that it was a really rigorous course, but it really isn't. good luck!
hey umm well im in advanced so i guess that when u r oly in seventh and eighth grade it doesnt make such a big difference but when u get to high school levels with 9th grade to 12 and ap classes then its REALLY hard
It's not as hard as it seems, on the first day its probably all class rules and introductions, typical first day stuff.
English is universal but it differs in pronunciation and intonation depending on the country. If you want a very good English.. go to our country..the PHILIPPINES!
In my English I Honors Class, we focused a lot on writing and short stories/plays/vinettes. It's not hard at all, it just requires a little more reading and studying on your own. You'll be finee!
i didnt notice much difference..i think we went a bit faster though.and they threw in a couple extra books and projects. It wont kill you with work though.
Difficult ... but you can take the challenge! As an example... In the regular English class you'll be asked to write an essay about what you did on your summer vacation.
In the Honors class you might be asked to discuss in an essay how what you did during your summer vacation may or may not determine the path you choose to reach your goals in life.

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