When writing an essay do you underline or use quotation marks for the name of a book?

You have a few different answers. lol The proper way is to underline the title of the book. Short stories and articles are either italicized or in quotes.

Teacher (2000-2005)

Teacher (2000-2005)



4th grade

Italicize it.

"Name of Book" is how I learned it


old school


quotation mark

and quotations for smaller works, like a poem or short story



Underline it.

Underline-according to my college English professor

( I got an A in that class!)

:) Make it Slanted (italized) or Underline.



underline.....use quotations only when referring to an article or the chapter of the book

Are you just stating the title or are you taking something out of the book? If you are stating the title of a short story it is quotations, a novel is underlined. Newspapers etc are all quotations.

I think it will depend greatly on the place where you are asked to write the essay for and what format they want you to use. But actually most of the time what you want to do is you want to either italacize the name of the book or underline it. But I do not think quotatient marks are acceptable.

Underline is correct. Quotations are for short stories, magazine articles, etc. I don't know where these people are getting that you should italicize it.

You underline the name of a book. This equals italics.


I was a Journalism major in college.

Guess things have changed since I took my masters as so many are saying underline. We always put book titles in quotes.

Author. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year.

this is right way except title of book is underlined (sorry i dont know how to underline on comp.)


mla style writing

There are two ways to show a title of a book you can use either way, but you have to use the same way through the entire paper. You can italize the title or underline the title. Good luck with your paper!

It may usually depend areawise, as you have got multiple answers saying underline and quotation, in our country when i did my English Literature i was told to put quotation marks for the name of the book and underlining was done to highlight any important points in the answers. And its the same if you are quoting someone in your essay you usually mark quotation rather than underlining, too much of underlining would spoil the essay.


Am an English Teacher in a High School.

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