How do you describe an authors style?

There are several aspects to an author's writing style. Describing his/her style means to look at how he/she is using language to make a point. So one way to describe it is to look at how they use grammar, punctuation, titles of chapters. It also means looking what tense they write in, what kinds of words they use, whether they write in the first person, how they develop the plot, if there is one; whether the writer uses lots of descriptive words to get the reader to imagine things, etc.
A good example of different styles would be to look at how one person writes a childrens' book and another writes a spy novel. You see immediately how the two are differently written.
The question doesn't specify writing style, so . . .

An author can use imagery, or figurative language (simile, metaphor). Does he or she use poetical devices, such as alliteration (the "s"s in "slowly sifting sands")?

Does setting play an important role in the story? Sometimes a country, time period, political climate, or even a house is key to a story.

Is there use of irony or foreshadowing? How about symbolism? Could the story be an allegory?

Is there a lot of dialogue? If not, that's a point to make; if there is, how does the author use it? Does each character have their own "voice"?

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