Someone help me with writing a descriptive paragraph about summer!?

Use plenty of imagery, and appeal to each of the five senses. It's easy to write about things you see or how it feels during summer, but you can use the other three senses just as easily.

Define summer by what it isn't. In other words, how does it differ from winter, spring, and fall?
When I think of the summer sky, I see big fluffy white clouds that look like dinosaurs, or submarines, or coffee cups. I think of fresh cut grass and how wonderful it smells and how there is always one person on the block who thinks they have to cut their lawn at 7 o'clock on Saturday morning! I think of flowers painting the landscape wherever I look, nodding their heads in even the gentlest of breezes as if agreeing with whatever the breeze is whispering to them. I see people on the beach burning and roasting like hotdogs on a grill! I feel the cool wetness between my toes as I tangle my feet in the creek. I hear the "thwack" of a baseball bat as it connects and the claps and whistles of the crowd! I see kids playing in the park, flying kites, swinging on the swings, sliding down the slides. I can taste the popcorn in the air conditioner theatre during the matinees. My nose will never forget that unique smell of hot pavement when a sudden summer storm quickly cools it. And how can anyone not smile at the smell of cotton candy, corndogs, sawdust, and the animals pens at the fair? Summer brings many happy memories to mind.

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