Dateline or deadline? which is the correct word?


Both are correct words..

It is all base on the usage of the words..

For instance.. If you have a homework due tomorrow..

Then your statement will go...

The deadline for my homework is tomorrow...

If you wish to manufacture a sentence with the word dateline..

It will be in motion something like this..

The dateline of the report will be capable of give you information of when and where on earth the news be being dispatched..

Hope it make you clearer of the diff...

Cheers... (",)
for what question? We have need of to know what you are using the verbage for. Deadline. Dateline is an NBC show



Deadline. The international dateline is a chain round the earth.

Both are correct, it depends for what:

dateline: A phrase at the beginning of a daily or magazine article that gives the date and place of its basis.

deadline: A time limit, as for reimbursement of a debt or completion of an assignment.


yahoo dictionary

deadline logically

Dateline : used within context in Geographical Terms , that unreal line when crossing it the date change
called the international Dateline

Deadline : the final limit or timeframe given to complete any obligation or work both word is correct but the usage is different

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