Can someone help with a thesis statement about pit bulls?

Question:I am writing a persuasive essay on pit bull attacks and I am leaning toward the owners are the ones who are to blame and that it isn't the nature of dogs.

The rise of the criminal canine
Pit bull-type dogs are becoming the ‘weapons of choice’ for young criminals

Pit Bulls & Dog Parks
You say your Pit Bull loves other dogs? That he doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, and you don't want to deny him of playtime with his buddies at the dog park? Please read the following and than reconsider your view of Pit Bulls and dog parks.

Selectively bred for combat with other dogs, the Pit Bull is genetically predisposed to dog-aggression. The breed was created to be the ultimate fighting machine. Although early socialization and training can make a big difference, it is impossible to erase genetics, and owners must never forget what their dogs were originally bred to do. Not all Pit Bulls will start a fight, but almost none will back down from one. And regardless of who started the fight, you can bet the Pit Bull will get the blame. Because of this, it is imperative that owners always keep their dogs under control

Note about puppies: Many people want to adopt pit bull puppies because they feel that, by adopting them younger, there is less chance that they will be aggressive as they get older. While human aggression is not a predisposed standard trait of this breed, a very real likelihood of maturing into canine aggression does exist. Good socialization will certainly help with the aggression that any unsocialized breed might have as they get older. This aggression can be bourne from the fear of the unknown and socialization early and often is the best solution to this. Unfortunately, there is also a component of some pit bulls that is a genetic canine aggression (aggression towards other dogs). This cannot be socialized out and generally does not manifest itself until they reach maturity, which can be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years of age. If you are adopting a puppy to include into a multi-dog family, be aware that, through no fault of his own, this puppy can mature into a dog that might be unpredictable with the other dogs in your family and out in the world. This is not a certainty by any means but something that a responsible pit bull owner should know and be aware of.

11 dogs that could raise your insurance costs

Dog Bite Law

My home owners insurance Will NOT insure you at any price if you have a pit bull or rottweiler

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