Why did Henry VII separate the English church from the Roman Catholic church?

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Henry VIII was the son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

Henry VII greatly strengthened the monarchy by employing many political innovations to outmaneuver the nobility. The household staff rose beyond mere servitude: Henry VII eschewed public appearances, therefore, staff members were the few persons Henry saw on a regular basis. He created the Committee of the Privy Council ,a forerunner of the modern cabinet) as an executive advisory board.

Henry's political acumen was also evident in his handling of foreign affairs. He played Spain off of France by arranging the marriage of his eldest son, Arthur, to Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella. Arthur died within months and Henry secured a papal dispensation for Catherine to marry Arthur's brother, the future Henry VIII ; this single event had the widest-ranging effect of all Henry's actions: Henry VIII's annulment from Catherine was the impetus for the separation of the Church of England from the body of Roman Catholicism.

The 1530's witnessed Henry VIII growing involvement in government, and a series of events which greatly altered England, as well as the whole of Western Christendom: the separation of the Church of England from Roman Catholicism. The separation was actually a by-product of Henry's obsession with producing a male heir; Catherine of Aragon failed to produce a male and the need to maintain dynastic legitimacy forced Henry to seek an annulment from the pope in order to marry Anne Boleyn. Wolsey tried repeatedly to secure a legal annulment from Pope Clement VII, but Clement was beholden to the Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and nephew of Catherine. Henry summoned the Reformation Parliament in 1529, which passed 137 statutes in seven years and exercised an influence in political and ecclesiastic affairs which was unknown to feudal parliaments.

The break from Rome was accomplished through law, not social outcry; Henry, as Supreme Head of the Church of England, acknowledged this by slight alterations in worship ritual instead of a wholesale reworking of religious dogma. England moved into an era of "conformity of mind" with the new royal supremacy (much akin to the absolutism of France's Louis XIV): by 1536, all ecclesiastical and government officials were required to publicly approve of the break with Rome and take an oath of loyalty. The king moved away from the medieval idea of ruler as chief lawmaker and overseer of civil behavior, to the modern idea of ruler as the ideological icon of the state.

Henry VIII built upon the innovations instituted by his father. The break with Rome, coupled with an increase in governmental bureaucracy, led to the royal supremacy that would last until the execution of Charles I and the establishment of the Commonwealth one hundred years after Henry's death.
The Roman Catholics rearranged the religion to their liking. This is why it was seperated. Thank you.
Because the King did not want to be under the Pope who at that time was exercising not only religious power but political powers
The Roman Catholic Church does not allow divorce (or at least makes it very difficult to get.)
Henry wanted to divorce his first wife at the time for Anne Boelin (may want to check the spell) to have a son to inherit the throne.
By his first wife he had a daughter, Mary, who became Queen of Scots.
By his second wife, a daughter, Elizabeth.
To divorce his first wife, he separated from the Catholic church, created the Protestant church, set himself as head of the church, and was thus able to divorce his first wife.
He would later go on to have several other divorces, which sadly ended with their heads getting cut off (his first wife only had to deal with the divorece.)

This inforamation is not that hard to find. There are many books which would cover King Henry VII in detail.
Do not use this as a direct quotation for your report.
Do not use Wikipedia as a source.
He wanted a divorce, and his Bishop and the Pope would not allow it.

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