What are the advantages and disadvantages of students working during the holidays?

Question:please answer debate in 3 days .....................urgent

easier during skool year
ruins the point of vacation
point of vacation is 2 relax and chill out and not study
y in the world would u wanna study 4 the whole yr... not even 1 kid would wanna do that...
support this opinion and u'll get ppl supporting u:D:D
advantages.. you will have money and buy what you want.. you can even make friends at work..
disadvantages.. maybe you just cant spend your holiday freely and go wherever you want..
advantages: added money, teaching responsibility, keep out of trouble
disadvantages: your only young once you should try and have fun, more time to study, you could see your family and friends more
Advantages: Extra money

Disadvantages: You might have to work on the actual holiday; You miss out on rest and just "chilling"; You might work alot of hours and are too tired to do anything else since its during the holidays; You will regret it once school starts again.

I had a part-time job at a retail store and they increased my hours during the holidays. I worked 45 hours the week b4 Christmas. I work the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day.It was good money, but I missed out on everything and everyone (out of town family). When school started this year I was tired and I felt like I didn't have a break. I quit.
Where r u from? which debate are you participating? No answers frm me. SEE YOU THERE!

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