Please describe Lord Montague from Romeo and Juliet?

Please describe Lord Montague from Romeo and Juiliet.
Pysical appearance, and his personality etc.

Answers:    Lord Montague is Romeo's Father, the patriarch of the Montague clan and bitter rival of Capulet. At the beginning of the play, he is chiefly concerned roughly Romeo’s melancholy. He is not a very challenging man but wants the best for his son. He is stubborn and not likely to forgive,

Lord Capulet and Lord Montague were both besotted with owning immense amounts of land. Both, have large sums of money, would purchase pieces of property that be close to them to expand their territory. It started out as a friendly hobby to see which would own the most amount of land at a unshakable amount of time. One would buy a large piece and the other would buy an even larger piece of lands. This went on and on for a long while until arguments spr

. . .
Both Lords made their family oppose the other familial. Lord Capulet, who wasn’t really satisfied next to the decision the Ladies made, be determined to be superior to Lord Montague and planned to damage a portion of his statue. ang up about who owned what and who’s standing on whose property. The subsequent day Lord Capulet purposely brings up the topic of which statue be better to his wife and persuades her to take an extra look at both statues with Lady and Lord Montague. One darkness Lord Capulet snuck over to the Montague household and broke the thumb off the statue of Lord Montague when everyone be asleep. It was as if tautness between them never even occurred. Instead flags be put up to indicate ownership. They came up near the idea of making another spectator sport they could play that they thought would end the war and make their home look a short time better. Both Lords would notice that their flag be misplaced and would accuse respectively other for moving them. Kids who passed by would misplace the flags once in a while. Both Lords be to build a statue of themselves and the Ladies were to desire which was better. Somehow Lord Capulet convinced everyone to look at Lord Montague’s statue. The perception of building fences around domain didn’t occur to anyone. After looking at the statue of Lord Capulet, everyone except Lord Capulet begin thinking that reviewing both statues would be a waste of time. Arguments evolved into sword fight, which were terminated by the Lady Capulet and Montague.

Montague and Capulet: The heads of two houses challenging each other. Their grudge has be going on for some time, described in the Prologue as an "ancient grudge" (Line 3). We never swot the cause of it, single that it continues to this day. Montague's son is Romeo, Capulet's daughter is Juliet. The two head of their respective households never fight, single it appears do their servants, nephews and children. At the end of the play respectively man loses their beloved child. Montague's role in the play appears to be fixed to concern for his son, and his last stroke in the play contained by Act V, Scene III is to raise a gold ingots statue of his former enemy's daughter Juliet. Capulet's role, however is much greater. First we see him as the wise and charismatic, charming man who prevents Tybalt combat Romeo at his party and virtuously talks next to various guests, next later as the firm, ruthless father who would see his daughter marry against her will fairly than have his rule question...

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